About Vaughan Premier, Ltd.

Over the years, we've specialized in bringing innovative and inspiring products to businesses and consumers primarily through online marketing and sales channels. Established in 2001 as a safety solutions company under the name, "Vaughan Safety, Inc.", we have quickly evolved into a premier purveyor of quality products that are unique, exciting and even inspiring. 

We are located in beautiful Washington State, 35 miles North of Seattle in Arlington, Washington. At our West Coast headquarters we operate a fulfillment warehouse and customer service center. Our West Coast location is strategically positioned close to Pacific Rim ports, where we can easily receive incoming shipments and send them quickly to our customers acrouss the country and around the globe.

The History of Vaughan Premier, Ltd. 

We began in 2001 under the name, "Vaughan Safety, Inc." as a safety solutions company. The company's founders, Jeffrey and Deanna Vaughan developed an innovative line of safety and ergonomics products under the TurboErgo® brand name. Rather than choosing a traditional safety product distribution model involving sales reps and territories, the Vaughan's turned to the internet to sell their products to a worldwide audience.

This decision to market and sell their products on the internet taught the Vaughan's some important lessons about what the future would hold. Their first ecommerce site was an ergonomics product site, under the trade name TurboErgo® . TurboErgo.com is still live on the Interent today in largely the same format as it was in 2005, as a piece of internet archaeology if you will. It is currently not an active ecommerce site, but still promotes the TurboErgo line of ergonomic educational products which are still produced and sold on our safety posters site and on our safety products site. 

With the success of TurboErgo.com, the Vaughan's went on to produce additional safety sites including CoolSafetyProducts.com, SafetyKnivesAndCutters.com, SafetyLightsAndSignals.com and SafetyAwarenessPosters.com. While these safety sites were being developed, the Vaughan's had a parallel track of development outside of the safety category. Deanna Vaughan took the initiative to launch the party lights site, LittleBrightLights.com which was followed a couple of years later by the holiday and wedding lights site, LightsForAllOccasions.com. These two lighting sites achieved huge industry acclaim and experienced rapid sales growth since their inception.

There are additional ecommerce websites in development that will be announced in the very near future. All expectations are that these new sites will be even more successful than their predecessors.

Through our current online stores we offer more than 3,000 different products to our customers around the United States and across the globe. We operate a lean and efficient warehouse and fulfillment operation that is a model of cost efficiency, precision and speed. We also pride ourselves in top notch customer service. Our agents are located at the same facility as our fulfillment center which means that they get to see and use our products, unlike the agents who work for our competition.